Week 3 Reflection: Internet Visitors and Residents. The Internet and Youth Culture.

In David White's video “ Visitors and Residents” he discusses the difference between visitors of the internet and Residents. In addition to this, he explains how technology has become a native skill for the younger generation, while the older generation has to put more intent behind learning the ins and outs of technology. For the generation growing up with the internet at their fingertips, tehcnoligicals skills are acquired at a young age because they are surrounded by it. For the older generation, White compares learning the internet and technology to learning a 2nd language. White describes internet visitors as people that use the internet as a “tool”. They go on to find out an answer or get a specific piece of information and then log off. Internet Residents are individuals who spend alot of their time socializing,meeting people,chatting, and commenting on the internet and social media apps. After watching this video it made me do some self reflection on what I am. After thinking about this I think I embody being both a resident and a visitor because I have different social media accounts but I use the internet as a tool and log off right after getting information.

In the writing “ The internet and young culture” Gustavo Mesch does a great job of explaining the significance of the internet and social media in the younger generation today. While I think there alot of positives to the world that kids are growing up in today I also see many negatives. Things like more job opportunities, easier communication, and better networking are all positives in this internet based society we live in. Some important life skills can be forgotten when we get so fixed on the internet such as face to face communication, shaking hands, and in person relationship building. Another interesting topic that is discussed by Mesch is how popular multitasking using technology is for teens in order to maintain a busy lifestyle. I can personally agree with this statement, being a teenager in this modern world being able to multitask working on electronics while talking or working is something that definitely helps.

Overall the different lessons and viewpoints of the internet were very interesting to me and showed me the key role that the internet plays in our lives today. Not only is the internet a tool for people but it is also something that connect groups of people and improves our knowledge.



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